Higher Education

Rice Cohen understands your mission and the importance you place on having employees who exhibit the highest integrity, are visionary and innovative in their approach, and who add value to the organization.

We commit to gaining an understanding of your organizational needs and the impact the executive search will have on your institution’s strategic and operational priorities.

Credibility and expertise ensure results. With 30 years of experience in the executive search industry, Rice Cohen provides you with a competitive edge. Utilizing our extensive network of candidates and satisfied clients, we are positioned for success.

Our services are tailored to your specific needs and designed to exceed your expectations. We invite you to engage with us and explore the ways we can support your staffing needs.

The client experience has built the Rice Cohen reputation. As an international company, we have established an extensive network of executive personnel. Each interaction we have with a client or candidate is an integral part of our future success. Engaging with us means you not only become a member of this network but have full advantage of its talent and resources. Services are tailored to your specific needs and designed to exceed your expectations. We invite you to engage with us and explore the ways we can support your staffing needs.

When you engage with Rice Cohen International, we bring a talented and experienced team committed to your search and its outcomes. We are one of the largest executive search firms in the industry. Our research team and extensive network of industry specific talent allows us to identify your ideal candidate quickly and effectively. The consultants on your team specialize in the higher education sector and in recruiting executive level positions.

Our consultants are trained and certified in behavior-based interviewing ensuring candidates are screened on the abilities targeted for your position.

We are committed to your success. We view the recruiting process as an on-going partnership. Therefore, we are with you through the entire recruitment and on-boarding journey. A distinction of Rice Cohen International – once you have selected a candidate, we continue to monitor the candidate’s transition to your institution.

When you engage with Rice Cohen International as your search partner, our priority is you. Your vision and our strategy ensure success.

Potential Clients

We are interested in learning about your vision for the future of your organization. What impacts your vision? What role will human capital play in your success? What roles will be integral to achieving your desired outcomes? We invite you to begin a dialogue with John O’Connor, the Managing Director of the Higher Education Division.

Potential Candidates

Are you excited about sharing your talents and experiences in a meaningful way? We invite you to complete our candidate registration form and member welcome you as a member of our professional network.

John O’Connor, Managing Director

John O’Connor knows how important it is to have the most talented individual in a role and have an organization performing at the highest level. Having recruited and performed in one of the most competitive industries possible, NCAA Division I Basketball, John O’Connor brings a competitive edge to his work as the manager of the higher education division for Rice Cohen International. Building upon the 30 years of Rice Cohen success, since joining Rice Cohen in 2014 John has placed over twenty senior level positions.

John recognizes the importance of building relationships to understand client needs and to identify the best talent for your team. Utilizing the Rice Cohen’s proven recruiting process, John exceeds client and candidate expectations.

Focusing his efforts on higher education clients, John has translated his skills of persistence, planning, and excellence to securing your next executive search need.