HR Consulting – Executive Sales Leader with Leadership Development Expertise

CLIENT: Human Resources Consulting Firm
EXECUTIVES: Executive Leadership Team
BUSINESS UNIT: Sales and Business Development

Executive Search Recruiting Challenge: HR Consulting Executive Sales Leader with Leadership Development Subject Matter Expertise

Rice Cohen International
Client Stories

The Situation

Our client, a well-known EAP and Leadership Development firm, had great sales talent as part of the team already that was very successfully selling EAP solutions but did not have an HR Consulting Executive Sales Leader with Leadership Development subject matter expertise. After unsuccessfully attempting to fill the position on their own, our client realized that to find someone to be based out of corporate headquarters that had experience selling leadership solutions that they would need to partner with a search firm. After extensive research they came to us because of our expertise and over 25 years working in the human capital and leadership development space.

Solution Implemented

We began this search by partnering with our client to really understand their needs. Through collaborating with the hiring managers and senior leadership team we were able to quickly understand the ideal profile. From here we implemented our unique 25 Step Search and Selection Process. Our research team compiled a Search Assignment Profile and then went on to create a Targeted Company List of all the places this candidate could potentially come from. After the research team was finished our executive consultants proactively reached out to their vast network and everyone on the list the research team had compiled.

The Search Results

After identifying 68 candidates with the right background, living in the right city, our consultants were able to connect live with 54 of them. From this 54, 17 qualified candidates had behavior based interviews with our executive consultants who then presented a short list of the most qualified candidates to the client. Out of these five presented, three were invited to have face to face interviews with our client and from there it was narrowed down to two finalists. Those two individuals met with the President of the firm and Founder of the company and presented action plans. One of the candidates had a superior action plan and really connected with President on a shared passion for leadership development. This person was a top performer from one of the most well-known leadership development firms. Within two and a half months of beginning this search our client’s candidate of choice not only signed the offer letter but also began making an impact with the firm’s leadership development practice.