A $12B IT Consulting and Outsourcing firm for a VP of Sales Effectiveness, certified in SPIN, within 60 days

CLIENT: Global Fortune 500
EXECUTIVES: President, Head of Sales
BUSINESS UNIT: Sales Learning

Recruiting Challenge: A $12B IT Consulting and Outsourcing firm for a VP of Sales Effectiveness, certified in SPIN, within 60 days

Rice Cohen International Client Stories

The Situation

Rice Cohen International partnered with a global fortune 500 IT services firm to help them fill a critical role for a Senior Director of Sales Effectiveness. The client had a compound annual growth rate of over 20% over the past 5 years and this growth in revenue corresponded to a sales force that was constantly growing. With this in mind the client created a strategic Sales Effectiveness practice internally. The global lead for this initiative made the decision to anchor the program around Huthwaite’s SPIN selling and wanted to hire someone who was certified to deliver SPIN but was also capable of creating a sales learning strategy and could act as an executive coach.

Solution Implemented

Our research team compiled a Search Assignment Profile based on the client’s needs and put together a list of companies to target. In order to attract the right candidate, Rice Cohen researched potential candidates that were certified in SPIN as well as reached out to our contacts in the Sales Training and Effectiveness space to network.

The Search Results

Within two weeks, our senior consultants complied a short list of 3 candidates for the client to interview. Initially, our client planned on hiring one person but was very impressed with the candidates he met. The hiring manager made a case internally and got approval to hire two of the three candidates. The client chose to quickly move the two chosen candidates through the hiring process, one of whom he brought in at the VP level, and within four weeks an offer was made to both candidates and accepted offer letters were signed and returned to the client. They onboard with our client less than 60 days after the search was started.